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Handmade Crochet Goddess Locs


Due to the handmade nature of this product Please allow up to 14 days for Processing before shipment. 


Get the Goddess Locs look you love in 1-2 hours with these beautiful Handmade Crochet Goddess Locs. These Locs feature a hidden loop that expands to attach to the crochet needle and coils back once installed for a natural looking installation. Package only comes in one size and 18"-20" length. There are 4 package options:

100 Handmade Crochet Goddess Locs. This package is perfect for a small head full crochet install 

115 Handmade Crochet Goddess Locs
. This package is perfect for an average head full crochet install 

130 Handmade Crochet Goddess Locs. This package is perfect or a large head or very full crochet install

For best results, apply a non-alcoholic moose to hair after installation to reduce frizz and give ends definition 

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