Vanessa Lorraine: My Path to The Curl Refinery

What Did I Do Before Starting
The Curl Refinery?


As a self proclaimed nerd, after high school I found myself sorting through admissions offers from a number of institutions including ivy league schools Yale and Cornell. I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with my B.A. in Economics and my Master's from DePaul University.


I had been doing hair my entire life. When I was 8 years old, I remember sitting down one night for my mom to do my hair for school. I told her that I hated the way she did my hair. She told me to do it myself. I locked myself in the bathroom for one hour and came out with one braid. But that one braid started my career as a hair stylist. From that point on, I did hair part time through college and my corporate career.


After graduating from college, I accepted a career as a Financial Advisor. With no prior experience in the field, I spend 70 plus hours a week studying for my licensing exams and became a self-taught stockbroker. I spent my time in Corporate America working as an Investment Manager of the two downtown Chicago branches of a Fortune 500 Investment Firm.

Combining It All

I found myself in ICU battling for my life with blood clots in my lungs. This condition proves fatal for many people. However, I survived. Upon returning to work I learned that they started training my replacement while I was in the hospital and fired me shortly there after. I decided to use my skills for myself and not return to Corporate America. Having already began making handmade items for my clients, I taught myself importing and manufacturing and The Curl Refinery was born.

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